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The Greens are coming - White nephrite jade from Ge'ermu with green spots

As reported to you in October 2005, a new nephrite jade extraction activity has started in the vicinity of Ge’ermu, a town at an altitude of 2800m in the western Chinese province of Qinghai. The jade from Ge’ermu is now the second white jade source in China and this material has been selected for the back of the Gold Medal of the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. This mined, not river boulder, material is, according to the Chinese Jade specialist and carvers, not quite up to the Hotien Yurungkash white jade as its “feeling” is “drier” and not as “hard” when carved, as Xinjiang jade. As however the Hotien material supply is dwindling, Ge’ermu jade becomes a welcome substitute.
In a search for white jade roughs for fellow FOJ Charlotte de Syllas of England, I came across in Hangzhou of a shop in the Wushan Flower & Bird market which has specialized in Ge’ermu jade.

I entered the shop because in the show window I recognized rough jade pieces with the typical chalk white color and texture of the Ge’ermu material. The sales lady and shop owner, coming actually from Ge’ermu, confirmed my identification. By looking around in the shop I noticed several carved broaches and bangles in a white translucent material with leek to tenous emerald green streaks and patches.

Having seen numerous green natural and dyed jadeite and calcite bangles displayed, I showed my “knowledge” and pointed out that I am surprised that in a shop specializing in “Yu” (nephrite jade) such “Fei tsui” (jadeite jade) items are displayed.

The lady raised her eyebrows and told the visiting “foreigner with a long nose” that this was indeed "Yu" and that it came from the jade mines near her hometown Ge’ermu.

I asked her permission to take some pictures of her carvings and I am happy to show them in the following pictures to you.



Google Earth view showing Ge'ermu north of the Tibetan Plateau.
Ge'ermu is the last major town before entering in Tibet the on the new Beijing - Lhasa railway line


The bangle wrongly identified by me as being in jadeite! 
It turned out to be the new Ge'ermu nephrite with green spots - Asking price for the bangle: 1300$ US


In the Ge'rmu jade shop in Hangzhou discussing supply, quality and of course prices , prices and prices!


Small jade mountain (10cm base) in Ge'ermu white jade with a¨green streak - Asking price  2600$


Detail of the green area on the jade mountain carving


Different pendants and decorative carvings in Ge'ermu white jade with green streaks - Asking prices about 1300$ each


Pendant with a nice exploitation of the green area (rushing water) as decorative element
for a fish ascending a waterfall


Dragon broach


Another green headed dragon on a broach in Ge'ermu jade


Knowing the mastery of  Chinese carvers to color stones, I was still unsure if
the local green areas in the carvings were not induced artificially.
The cut section of a typical Ge'ermu white jade rock showing a green area
in its core of a mined piece finally convinced me that we truly have white
nephrite with natural green color patches and streaks.

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Reader Comments (3)

I work for Gemlab Jewellery Valuers in Auckland, New Zealand. We have a pure white nephrite jade bangle in for valuation. The customer has a receipt saying she paid 99800.00 yuan. We feel this seems excessive but could be very wrong. Can you email me back so I can email you attachment photos of the bangle.
I would be very grateful for your opinion and look forward to your reply.
Many thanks,
Jill Towers, FGA., DGA, BSc
Gemmologist and Jewellery Valuer,
Gemlab Jewellery Valuers,
2 Burns Ave,
Auckland, New Zealand.
+64 9 4899919
July 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJill Towers

Just wanted to inform you that i am in Marble and Onyx mining business and recently intered in the Jade business as a supplier.The source of these Jade is from a un-taped mines near Pakistan-Aghanistan/China borders.We are dealing in both Jadeite and Nephrite Jade,the Jadeite quality is more like Burmese quality with white back groud and emerald green spots on it(can also provide in emerald green in small size) and in nephrite we have white,light green and dark green.We are just looking for a genuine buyers for hpe you can help or give some advice.I can post the pics here if you like.Many Thanks

Prime International
email: primeplus_inc@hotmail.com
August 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHassan
Hi, please contact me, I will send you pictures of jade
December 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterHi

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