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Some recent prices of small carved jade items

The price for rough and carved white jade items in China are rising inexorably. Here some examples seen in the last week of May 2007 in Hangzhou/China.


47g of Khotan River pebble of 1a quality with brown skin.
Asking price 12,000$ US

271g of Germu Mountain jade shaped as fake Khotan pebble.
Asking price 120$ US


Pendant in white jade with birds carved in relief from the brown skin of the pebble
Asking price 6,000$US


Hand piece showing gourds and blossoms in white jade – 121g
Asking price: 2,123$ US


Pendant with carving in relief in white jade
Asking price: 650$ US


Pendant in the shape of a ring with ram in white jade
Asking price: 2,000$ US


Small crouching tiger or cat in white jade – 14g
Asking price: 540$ US

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Reader Comments (2)


Good to be updated,but realistically,would like to know what was the 'SOLD' price (if any buyer) esp. for the nephrite pebbles of 47g and asking price of 12,000USD. Also,the crouching tiger seems to be of a lychee translucency. An unusual nephrite.
June 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterYF Lau
At the moment many owner of pebbles sit on their stock knowing that the price are going only one way - UP! This pebble is not yet sold.
As for the crouching tiger the color of the nephrite jade got a special tinge as the intial picture was taken with poor lighting and the post-treatment of the image somewhat skewed the tinge to this lychee blue white.
June 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHerbert Giess

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