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Silk and Jade - Necklace design examples

I have encountered recently in China a renewal in the world of fashion jewelry pendants and necklaces. These new designs assemble small jade carvings and knotted silk strings into quite pleasant objects with numerous historic and ethnic notes.

As several of you are involved in jade jewelry design and carving, I have copied these beautifully composed pictures of some of these designs from a book (ISBN 986-7669-45-2) in Chinese I found 2005 in Hong Kong. Maybe that one or the other combination will inspire you in your work or get onto the shopping list for your partner.


Most of the jade used is jadeite associated with other hard stones. You can buy the individual components in specialized shops and get them assembled immediately to your liking by expert hands.

All the pictures are of thumbnail size for a rapid upload and view. Click on them to get a bigger image.

395336-301727-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301745-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301732-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301747-thumbnail.jpg  395336-301737-thumbnail.jpg  395336-301755-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301757-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301760-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301762-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301764-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301766-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301768-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301796-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301793-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301799-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301801-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301805-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301808-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301810-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301813-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301815-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301817-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301819-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301822-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301826-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301829-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301831-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301833-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301838-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301841-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301843-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301845-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301849-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301852-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301855-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301857-thumbnail.jpg  395336-301873-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301875-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301878-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301880-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301883-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301886-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301889-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301891-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301893-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301899-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301908-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301910-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301915-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301917-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301919-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301921-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301924-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301927-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301933-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301935-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301939-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301943-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301946-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301954-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301957-thumbnail.jpg 395336-301959-thumbnail.jpg


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