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Sweet Grapes!

Botryoidal Nephrite Jade
H.Giess 16.7.2005

One of the most fascinating natural forms of Nephrite Jade is the Botryoidal or Grape like Jade (botrus: grape in Greek). This Jade is found in the form of a mass of coalesced globular Nephrite clusters ranging from few cm and grams to half a meter and up to 150Kg of weight. Such a globular habitat is also know from other minerals such as malachite, hematite, marcasite and similar and probably derives from a special growth condition present during their formation. An extreme form of globular Jade is the Scortaseo, La Prese, Switzerland Nephrite Jade where the Nephrite is present in a Calcite matrix in the form of 3 to 8mm diameter peas.

Olive green Botryoidal Nephrite Jade from Monterey, California (235g – 80mm)

Pale green, globular Nephrite Jade in
Calcite matrix from Scortaseo, La Prese, Switzerland.

Polished section showing individual
pea shaped beads with a diameter of 3 to 8mm

This kind of Jade has been found first in the late 50’s at the Jade Cove near Monterey and then also in Mendocino County, California, on the Cultus Mountain, Washington and then in large quantities and sized at the Trinity Mountain site; California. Another site has been reported recently to be in Jims Creek near Lillooet at 50°56’55”N and 122°33’15”W.

Two other sites yield also nice specimens, one just across the US/Canadian Border in Yukon Territory near the Robert Campbell Highway and called Northern Lights Jade (see also “Botryoidal Jade. Rarest of Rare Jades” in Canadian Rockhound Summer/Fall 2000 Vol.4 No.2 or in www.canadianrockhound.ca/2000/02/cr0004203_botryoidal_jade.html by Duke McIsaac) and the other one, at the Eastern end of the North American Continent, in NewFoundland.

21x12x10cm Apricot colored
Botryoidal Jade nugget
(See http://www.RiverBlossomJade.com)

5x4.5x2.5cm Yukon
Botryoidal Jade nugget
(See http://www.canadianrockhound.ca)

Two of our Members of FOJ (Sam Gitchel of www.riverblossomjade.com and James Mc. Donald of www.angelfire.com/biz/jimsjade) are active in the mining and marketing of this beautiful Jade.

James McDonald (jmcjade@yahoo.com) just informed me that, after a long absence from the site due to health problems, he is returning to his mineral lease at the very northern tip of NewFoundland not very far from the site were in the year 1000 the Vikings had one of their first villages on the North American continent.

Satellite image of the Pistolet Bay on the
northern tip of NewFoundland and with
the arrow pointing to Jim’s Botryoidal
Jade Lease area and Jim with his
“Big Momma“ piece.

Jim has found the gram sized Botryoidal Jade pieecs in 1984 and then started serious explorations in the warm seasons of 1995 to 1997. Several veins of Jade nuggets ranging in sizes from 5 zo 150Kg in a sopastone matrix were found. The colors range from various greens over brown and charcoal to ivory white.

In collaboration with a known expert in Opals and Gemstone cutting, Mr.Anthony Lloyd-Rees of Vancouver (see www.TheGemDoctor.com), Jim has had some of his pieces be polished so to fully show their beauty.

Polished green NewFoundland
Botryoidal Nephrite Jade
the McDonald Pistolet Bay site

(5x6x3cm – 92gr)

Polished whitish brown NewFoundland
Botryoidal Nephrite Jade
the McDonald Pistolet Bay site

(5x6x3cm – 92gr)

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Reader Comments (2)

hi folks- i was negotiating for some of jim mcdonald's newfoundland botryoidal jade when he passed. does anyone have any of his small brown/gold bubbles for sale?
thanks, dan
April 9, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterdan beck
contact me@ localdeity@hotmail.com
April 9, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterdan beck

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