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Mythical Mountains carved in Jade Pebbles

Some Mythical Mountains carved in Jade Pebbles as seen on the Hangzhou Antiquity market in May 2005

One of my favored Jade pieces are Mountain Scenes carved into Jade pebbles. Here some of them seen on the market and photographed with the available background and lightening. Their working is quite good and the surface is finely polished also in the recesses.

Lychee White Jade – about 18cm high – Asking Price 750$ US

White – brown Khotan Jade – about 11cm high – Asking Price 490$

White Khotan Jade with russet areas – about 8cm high – Asking Price 315$

Detail of above carved pebble showing the deep carving work..

White Khotan Jade Pebble with russet areas – about 7cm high – Asking Price 250$

White Jade pebble with brown-black skin – about 12cm high – Asking Price 1500 $ US

H.Giess May 2005

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