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Friends of Jade Bulletin Vol 2 - 1981

This second number of the Bulletin is Volume II since we now anticipate a single annual edition.

Our irregular Newsletter will be more frequent and emphasize current news about Jade. The Bulletins will continue with articles from members and reprints of scientific papers and other articles on Jade from publications unlikely to circulate to members of the Friends of Jade.

Our membership has reached a plateau after the first two years of organizing and publicizing the Friends of Jade. Volume I of the Bulletin established the serious intent in our publishing. We trust Volume II will reinforce this intent and bring us not only more individual members but also more Library and Museum corporate subscriptions.

Our best publicity is still word-of-mouth so we hope all members and readers will help in this project.

Many thanks for you efforts.

Robert L. Frey

Friends of Jade
P.O. Box 135

To read the entire paper, please download the .pdf here.

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