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Ge’ermu Jade – Update

As reported in a previous communication to the FOJ, a new source of White Nephrite Jade is being readied for exploitation in the Eastern Kun-Lun range. I have been able to secure the two samples and want to share with you information about his White Jade.

Sample 1

Dimensions: 130mm x 85mm x 60mm
Color: Watery white to Chalk white color with white cloudy areas and a localized white rind.
Translucency: about 60mm - Concoidal fracture surface

View of a cut and with 220 grit diamond wheel abraded surface of the Ge’ermu 1 sample under normal sunlight illumination. (120mm in the longest direction)

Backside view the Ge’ermu 1 sample with the localized white rind (arrows)

Clouds of white opaque material in the Ge’ermu 1 sample (arrows)

Ge’ermu 1 sample illuminated from the bottom with a halogen spot lamp showing the beautiful translucency for over 60mm and the cloudy white inclusions.

Another view of the Ge’ermu 1 sample illuminated from
the bottom showing the translucent and opaque parts.

Sample 2

Dimensions: 200mm x 120mm x 90mm
Color: Translucent white gray core, jasper gray less translucent mantle and white surface rind
Translucency: variable to about 60mm - Concoidal fracture surface
Other: Reflecting 1-2mm long and 0.5mm wide acicular crystallites (tremolite?) in the white surface rind

Water wetted Ge’ermu 2 sample showing the white-gray core (1),
the jasper gray mantle (2) and the white surface rind (3)

Image of a White Jade rock seam piece from the Vitims (Siberia) showing
a similar substructure however with the mantle colored brown

Ge’ermu 2 sample illuminated from the bottom
showing the translucency of the white core

My investigations about the exact location of the mine site have not yet yielded any precise indication also because at the moment the Chinese Government is clamping down on illegal mining of all kind, the reason being invoked is the need to increase mine safety by imposing stricter worker safety controls. So everyone keep their mouth shut and hopes that no inspector will turn up to ask for improvements and “government revenue = taxes”.

I am however in contact with some additional middlemen and hope, via request for further samples, to get more details.

Herbert Giess
October 2005

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest jade finds in China and Siberia. I am curious about the two Ge'ermu samples you have obtained which show conchoidal fracture. Is this peculiar to these particular samples or do you find it in other nephrites as well.
I am accustomed to seeing conchoidal fractures in glass-like materials such as flint, obsidian and agate, but not nephrite. I would be interested to hear what jade-carvers think of the Ge'ermu jade.
Alan White
March 5, 2006 | Registered CommenterAlan White

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