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Jade pebbles galore in the Bazar of Urumqi

Herbert Giess
November 2004

Urumqi, (Wulumuchi in Chinese) the capital of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang and lies 900 metres above sea level is a huge town. About 75 percent of its population is Han Chinese and only 10 percent each are Uighur and Hui people.

Urumqi, meaning “fine pasture” in Mongolian is now a town of one and a half million inhabitants and is world’s furthest city from the sea. Since the northern route of the Silk Road passed through Urumqi, it was a heavily guarded fort in the Han Dynasty, and remained so for many centuries. Today, the city is the most Chinese of the Silk Road cities and the most modern. It has few historical sites to offer tourists, except for Urumqi Museum which houses some valuable relics unearthed along the Silk Road and a large collection of ancient mummies.

Views of Urumqi

From my contact in Urumqi I have just received pictures of the Bazar where Uighurs from Hotan offer Jade pebbles for sale. I want to share these pictures with you.

In the case you would be interested in buying such genuine Jade pebbles I can put you in contact with the appropriate persons. The prices range, depending on color and quality, between 50 to 1000$/Kg. Shipping from China can be arranged very easily.

Uighur Jade sellers with their selection of river Jade pebbles and boulders

Assorted pebbles with some really nice white Jade ones
Note that the pebbles are “oiled or waxed” to show their best color

Collection of pebbles with different shapes, textures and colors.
Note the highly desirable russet color skin on some of them.

Herbert Giess
November 2004

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