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Jade Hunt in Labrador

James McDonald's Web site

This overview of a "Jade Hunt in Labrador" and 20 years later comes to us from James McDonald.

Stan Leaming ("Jade in Canada"- now in print again, GSC Library 605 W Robson St., Vancouver BC 604-666-0529.Wrote- 1983 Jade Hunt in Labrador.(=/$24 CDN Inclusive)

After 15 years I own the main property (botryoidal Jade). NF & Lab NTS 2M12. Northern Newfoundland. I've spent a lot of time since 1967 in NF&Lab.

The NL Museum was moving as I got there in MAY 04.

Elaine Antoine in charge of the Port Aux Choix Digs found 40 articles of Jade (about 3 cm long) were used for fleshing knives for seals. Jade is the 3rd toughist material on the planet and is 7 times tougher than mild steel and can take an edge and stay sharp (not like the European Axes- (Sir Alexander Mackenzie 1789 at Fort Simpson in NWT and his Diary available at the Vancouver Public Lib @ 120 pp with 60 pp on down the MacKenzie and the 2nd 60 pp on overland to the Pacific). These Entenpreneurs travelled from Montreal each spring on each adventure across N America each spring-coast to coast.

The second is a visit at the Museum of Civilization at Hull Quebec(across from the Parliament Bldgs. They have a collection of Jade artifacts that have an origin in N Ontario. The route to get the product to market was snowshoes/dogsled up the E side of Hudson Bay following the George River Caribou Herd to N Labrador/Baffin Island/Greenland. Option is same travel method from N Newfoundland.

Fitzhugh/Naler(Smithsonian) were at my claim in 1983 with Dr James Tuck(jtuck@mun.ca-Newfoundlands #1 archeologist) was with Stan Leaming and Dr Stevens(geol MUN).

I have several specimens at museums, etc on display at the Newfounland Prospector Room at the annual Roundup(Mines&Energy $Industry 24-29 JAN Bayshore Inn Vancouver. Cost is 0.00 if you are shopping. Participants pay $275. CDN for 6 days and a sandwich plus rebates to Prospectors.

New talent(large Yukon nuggets( has a booth for 2nd time-has 3 generations in the biz and major NUGGETS)- you haven't been to the Yukon unless you want to see the best nugget jewelry. It doesn't happen anywhere else./true North gems(?)/others. Canada we believe has as much potential as anywhere.

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