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Huang Shan Lotus Flower Peak

Herbert Giess

The Huang Shan Yellow Mountain

The famous Behai or Northern Sea of Clouds

The Lian Hua Feng Lotus Flower Peak

...Strange pines and wondrous rocks; lofty, majestic peaks and cliffs; flying waterfalls and bubbling streams;....the chattering of monkeys and birds. All of these arrested my thoughts and compelled me to remain there, body and soul. We pulled ourselves up on creeping vines to get to the summits of the mountain. Liu said: “Up ahead we would stray into the mountains of the immortals,” and he went on humming and chanting as before. The he compelled me to sketch a likeness of the scene, so I made the effort at dabbing some paint.

Leng Ch’ien trip with the famous statesman Liu Chi (1311-75) to the Huang Shan Mountains with the painting in the National Palace Museum in Taipeh (from Ganza K. “A landscape by Leng Ch’ien and the Emergence of Travel as a Theme of Fourteenth –Century Chinese Painting)

Chen Min (1633-83) “Lotus (Flower) Peak” Leaf from the album “Eight views of Huang Shan”
Private Collection Canada

The Lotus Flower Peak in Polar Nephrite Jade from British Columbia
Transmitted illumination 360x200x6mm

The Lotus Flower Peak in Polar Nephrite Jade from British Columbia
Incident illumination 360x200x6mm

Lotus Flower Peak
With a height of 1,864 meters, Lotus Flower Peak is the highest peak of the Yellow Mountains. It is embraced by small hills, resembling the lotus, hence the name. A one and half kilometer long winding path links Lotus Ridge and the apex of Lotus Peak. One needs to cross four caves on the way up before reaching the apex. Pines in the shape of flying dragons and double dragons as well as the Yellow Mountain Azalea are found on the peak. Standing together in the central part of the Yellow Mountains, the magnificent lotus Peak, Brightness Summit Peak and the Celestial Capital Peak unfold in all their majesty.

(All pictures from the Internet)

View from the tops

Jade Screen Pavilion Hotel near Lotus Flower Peak

In the case of a visit!

The peaks of the Huang Shan

Herbert Giess
Sept. 2004

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