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Neolithic Jades of the Liangzhu Culture in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum of Hangzhou

H.Giess - Friends of Jade
December 2004

The emblematic sorcerer riding a mythical beast Picture of the figure engraved on the Fan Shan giant Cong – About 3x its original size

A fair cross-section of the Liangzhu Culture Jade artifacts is displayed in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Hangzhou. The Museum (open 9:00-18:00) is situated in pleasant surroundings on an island of the famous West Lake and can be reached via the Bai Causeway from the East or the Xiling Bridge from the North. It houses several expositions and in the main building Zhejiang’s 7000 years of history is illustrated is three halls with Liangzhu, Imperial Dynasties and 1900 Revolution Artifacts.

Zhejiang Provincial Museum on the West Lake in Hangzhou

1. Diarama showing the Hemudu/Liangzhu Culture people in their environment
2. 5000 year old hemp and silk cloth and silk rope unearthed from the Hemudu and Liangzhu Culture sites

1. Cong from the Yao Shan site in the typical ivory or cream colored Liangzhu Jade
2. Neolithic Bi from Yao Shan

1. Ceremonial Jade axe with blade and shaft fittings from Yao Shan
2. Bracelet shaped Cong in ivory white jade

1. Silk or hemp weaving spindle whorl in Jade
2. Ceremonial axe blades in Jade from Yao Shan

Tomb Nr 7 from Yao Shan showing Jade implements and their position on or near the body. This display in the Museum gives a good overview of the multiple Jade pieces and shapes following the deceased Liangzhu Noble into to afterworld.

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