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Two New Polar Nephrite Boulders At California’s Pacific Museum

By Fred Ward

Recently two spectacular Polar nephrite boulders were donated to California’s Pacific Museum. The project was possible due to the efforts of two of our Friends of Jade members: Kirk Brock of Rock Solid Jade and Kirk Makepeace, of Jade West. The museum sent us these exclusive photographs to share with FOJ members.

The first four photographs are said to be different views of the same boulder. That’s a bit difficult to see, but possible. The key point is the incredible green and general quality of the boulder, mined on Polar Mountain in far northern British Columbia by Kirk Makepeace. Other nephrites from around the world do not have this “emerald” intensity. “Polar” is both the greenest and hardest nephrite ever found. This boulder is an outstanding example of the “Polar Quality.”

The second Polar boulder is equally interesting (see 3 photos below). It is believed that this nephrite specimen was either a attached to the boulder above or was mined very close to it. I will try to get more information about both boulders for you. At the moment these are two of the most dramatic large nephrite boulders ever found. It is a testimonial to their commitment to jade by both Kirks that these fine examples have been saved so thousands of people each year can see just how big and beautiful nephrite can be.

Fred Ward
Friends of Jade

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Reader Comments (1)

I have what appears to be a polar jadeite smooth rock.
It is very similar to one of your pictures. Could you tell me
What would be the value of a piece like this and where
Would he the best place to put it out for auction. I acquired
This piece as a gift but I do not collect jade. I am a collector of
Silver and gold. Any insight to the piece would be appreciated.
Thank you. I also don't know how to attach some photos of my
piece,I would like to show what I have for someone to help
With identifying what I have.
December 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames Mckee

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